Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All you got is your friends...

Here's an excerpt from a book by Walter Mosley called
Devil in a Blue Dress:

If you got a friend that does bad and you still keep
him as your friend, even though you know what he's
like... Do you think that's right?

All you got is your friends, Easy.
I thought about what Odell had said about friends
and it made sense to me. Odell goes to church
every Sunday, so he would know. Later on, he
challenged me to a game of dominoes. And what'd
he do that for? We got to talkin' 'bout Texas
and fooled around and drunk almost a quart of
whiskey... And I forgot about (my troubles) and
sat with my friend, on my porch at my house, and
we laughed a long time...

It seems like when it's time to make a major
decision in life, I find myself thinking about
my friends. I want to leave, but I don't want to
leave my friends. So I stay, and one-by-one,
they leave me.

I find myself wondering what the
prophetic Odell would say about my situation?

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