Sunday, June 22, 2008

The New BAT-mobile...

Picked up the new BAT-mobile Saturday. It's a 2007 BMW 335i.

Here are a few things I hate about it so far:

- It ships from the factory with Runflat tires. And there's no lug wrench in the tool kit. Which is just as well since there's no jack. Since it has runflat tires, there was no need for a spare tire. So there isn't one. Oh, and there isn't a place for a jack, lug wrench or spare tire. Runflat tires are the roughest ride I've ever had.

- The turn signal lever always returns to the center. So to cancel the turn signal, you have to do the same motion again.

- The stereo gets louder when you speed up. No one needs this encouragement to speed. However the road noise doesn't get louder as fast as the stereo.

- The headlights swivel left, right, up and down to illuminate where the car is going. And it's really sensitive. So when you hit a bump...

- The keys are coded differently, so the car can sense which driver is approaching and can customize seat position and radio settings for whatever person is going to drive it. So when I pick up the wrong key, it slams me forward into the steering wheel and then fully inflates the lumbar adjustment in the seat, shoving me even further forward. Oh, and when you accidently pick up both keys? It switches every 5 minutes. While you're driving.

- The steering wheel tilt/swivel adjustment is manual. They put 14 motors on the seats (really) and no motors on the steering wheel adjustment. So it can't adjust itself for different drivers (see above). What kind of peasant adjusts his/her own steering wheel? Me, apparently.

- Premium fuel only.

- There is no dipstick. The computer will *tell* you if it's low on oil...


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