Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bribing the computer guy....

It occurs to me that it's way to cheap to bribe the computer guy. Here's how that usually goes:

Friend/Customer: "My laptop is broked. Yes, I know this is the third time this week. Please accept the pizza taped to the computer as a peace offering."

Computer Guy: "OK."

(Customer leaves, munching ensues)

Computer Guy: "And you shouldn't tape pizza to your computer any more. In fact, just don't put tape on it at all."

The "Sweet! I just got a pizza!" thought lasts for the first slice or two, then the realization sets in:

The pizza costs $7.99 + tax. The bad news is that it came taped to five hours of work. So I'm making $1.75/hr, with no chance for tips, because the pizza was the tip.



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