Thursday, November 01, 2007

The BBQ Club...

Tonight was the last BBQ of the year for the BBQ Club. Fall has fallen quickly this year and it doesn't look like the weather will hold for another one.

We had a terrific turnout of friends and coworkers - twelve people in all, and a stray cat. There literally wasn't enough room to swing a cat.

Ms Melissa stopped by, simultaneously starting both trouble and rumour, visited a few minutes, then dashed away home before the others started to arrive. Don and Charles, practicing firebugs, honed their skill and we were cooking in no time. While waiting for the food, we played a game of "Hit the tree with the Frisbee".

Tim did an awesome job of cooking and in no time we had a feast. Hamburgers and brats were on the menu, along with chips, popcorn, fresh sliced tomatoes and cheddar cheese that was just sharp enough. Shared around the picnic table were tales of awesome BBQs past, and of the hair and eyebrows they cost us. Everyone agreed that the burgers they produced more than made them worth it. Jen tried to cook herself in an attempt to stay warm. We all fed the cat, and when it got pushy and tried to jack our food, I had to run it off. It ran a bit slow, with a tummy full of cheeseburger.

We gathered firewood and then gathered around a bonfire that smelled a lot like a leaf fire. When that ran out, it was time to go home and it was kind of sad. Soon my friends will be leaving and I wonder if we'll be able to get together for another BBQ...


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