Sunday, July 22, 2007

...and then sometimes it rains...

"Think I'll wash the car" invariably leads to "Better not - it's going to rain."

Recently we've had a couple of fundraising events for American Cancer Society that have been rained out. For the first, we were standing under a weatherproof canopy, I can see sunshine, I've looked at the RADAR and know there'll be a break in the weather in five minutes, and everyone except me calls it a day and goes home. For the second, they didn't even bother to show up, even though the rain had disappeared long before the concert was scheduled to take place. What's more important - curing cancer or staying dry? Guess which one won.

The best concert I ever went to was an Eagles reunion in 1995 in KC. Poured down rain the whole time, and because they were so good and everyone was having such a great time, no one dared to leave. Some of the best photos I've taken have been in pouring down rain. How'd I get it to look like that? It wasn't photoshop - I waited until it looked like that and then I took its picture, that's how. It's amazing to me how many people - adults mostly - treat any day that rains like a snow day. So much for Pioneering Spirit in us Americans. Two drops of rain fall on the windshield and it's all "I'm taking the day off."

"The game was rained out," "The race was rained out," and "The concert was rained out" are all perfectly acceptable statements in our society. People would rather give up the opportunity to see a ball game, race or concert than to do the unthinkable - get wet. Forget about whatever we were going to do, no matter how important it is. Nothing is as important as staying dry.

"I'll go wax the car. Maybe that'll make it rain so I don't have to mow the yard."

So I started thinking about the times when people didn't have a choice. Valley Forge was an unseasonably cold winter - freeze/thaw cycles turned roads to mush, effectively cutting off Washington's supply lines, and yet somehow they survived and were still victorious. Storms masked detection of the carrier fleet that attacked Pearl Harbor, making the attack that much more effective. The bomber carrying the second Atomic bomb that hit Japan couldn't find the target for over an hour because of a thunderstorm, but a slight amount of patience on the part of Major Charles Sweeney allowed him to find a hole in the clouds and accomplish the goal of ending the war with Japan just two days later. Rains 40 days and 40 nights, and Noah made lemonade out of it. And yet D Day was postponed a day because of rain. Why? Because Ike was a chicken, that's why.

"Oh, I can't go outside, I just had my hair done and it might rain." "It's raining - it'll mess up my makeup!" The only person who should ever complain about these things is Chief Rain In The Face. He was only 10 when he got that name after the rain caused his makeup to run. I guess if you're an Indian and your makeup runs, you're branded for life. Otherwise, get out and do something with your lives. Go shopping. Wash the car and mow the yard. Stay until they cancel the game, then tell your friends you were there for the whole thing. It's only a little rain! Unless you're a witch or a computer tech, trust me, you're not going to melt.

So the next time someone walks out in the rain and then complains the obvious "It's raining!" Don't let them get away with it - call it like you see it.

"It's raining!"


Monday, July 09, 2007

Helping others...

I'm now convinced that it isn't possible to help others. People that ask for help don't mean it. Not ever. They might think they want help, but they really don't.

So I'm all through trying to help others. It's nothing but a waste of time.


Had a Supreme Pizza from Pizza hut last night. Pan crust. Best pizza ever.