Sunday, January 21, 2007

Don't buy a BMW...

It's been two years since I bought the BMW. I haven't gone one month where I haven't spent several hundreds of dollars in repair parts on this car. It's never failed to start or run when I wanted it to. It's never been stuck in the ice, or the snow or the mud. It's fun to drive when it runs.


- It leaks water like a sieve, even after over $1000 of repair parts.

- It is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Presently there's no heat, and the engine generates so much heat in the summer that it overpowers the AC.

- At peak tuning, it gets 16.8MPG in the city.

- No one will work on it, so I do 100% of the labor.

- Even with a filter, seven quarts of oil, a wrench and the code reset tool, I can't get a townie to do an oil change.

- Rolling the windows down is like rolling the dice. Each and every time you roll a window down, there's a 50/50 chance that one or more of the window regulators will fail.

- When you replace the window regulator(s), you set a code that tells the computer there's a problem with the Air Bags. $150 tool to reset.

- You can't reach anything in any of the other seats from the drivers seat.

- If it blows a fuse, it sets off the alarm.

- If you leave a window down when you get out, it sets off the alarm. After you're inside.

- You can't have clean wheels in this car ever. The brake pads are so soft that the wheels are constantly covered in black dust.

- If it's cold (45F or cooler) the engine misfires the first time it's started. Only after 5-10 minutes of run time, then turning the engine off and restarting, will it perform without running rough.

- The worst thing of all is that it has no provisions whatever for holding any drink that an American might have in his/her possession. If you happen to drink stuff that comes in a 6oz or smaller can, it'll hold those. However you then can't use the heating and air conditioning controls. Not that it matters.

- 15 years after I bought my first CD, this car still didn't ship with a CD player. Cause I still want a cassette player that I can use for playing those MP3s. Thanks, Hans.

- If you drop a tool while working on the car, you have to do twice as much work to jack the car up, remove the bottom of the engine compartment, retrieve the tool, reinstall the engine compartment bottom, and jack the car back down. All in a pool of antifreeze that the car leaked while you were working on it. Antifreeze does not come out of your hair. Ever.

I now see no benefit to buying one of these cars.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Over the Holiday I had a chance to sample several "new" flavors of Doritos. Here's my take:

1) Black Pepper Jack Doritos - these things rock!

2) Cool Ranch Doritos - Yes they are.

3) Regular Doritos - If you want Old School, you want these.

4) Salsa Doritos - These things are terrible.