Saturday, September 02, 2006

There's nothing like a new set of tires...

I bought the BMW on Ebay, so I figured it was only fitting that I bought the tires off the internet, too. Less than half the price of buying the same tires locally, no tax and free second day shipping sealed the deal.

They arrived unboxed, strapped two tires together, complete with an address label and a "Keep refrigerated to 35-40 degrees" label. So of course my secretary (OK, so it was the UPS store manager) called to tell me how mad she was that she had to take her lunch out of the refrigerator so she could put my tires in there instead. I asked if she questioned the decision to refrigerate what was clearly a set of four tires, and that made her even madder. So then she called out the front door and wanted me to sign for the tires. I went back in, and she's looking around for the clipboard for like five minutes, so I yell "Hurry up! My tires are melting in the back seat!" and left.

Today I got them installed, and they're great! The BMW rides better, handles better, turns easier, the tires no longer leak air overnight, they look better, and I'm no longer worried that they'll blow out on one of my 150MPH runs to the Walmarts.


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