Monday, April 03, 2006

One In Ten-Thousand...

It was Friday evening and I fought my way through the last-minute shopper crowd at the Walmarts, hoping against hope for a pound of fresh-sliced pepper jack cheese from the Deli counter. The line was at least as long as the shortest bakery line in Soviet Russia. Had a hard week, nothing to look forward to on the weekend except more work.

Some townie found a way to jack an iPod into the store intercom, and started playing "Because The Night" by 10,000 Maniacs. I haven't heard it since the early 90s. In that five seconds, I went from having a terrible day to feeling really, really great!

Then I realized that the iPod craze isn't about the iPod as a status symbol. It isn't a rebellion against the music industry. It isn't because people don't want to listen to 48 minutes an hour of ads on the chance that they might hear *that song*. But radio doesn't stand a chance. Radio plays the same tunes over and over. The magic tune is different every time, and it only works once.

It's about the music. It's about finding that one song in 10,000 that *totally* changes your day.


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