Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Too many 8-day weeks...

I'm tired. Really tired. Dishes, laundry and bills are starting to pile up; The fridge is empty. I haven't taken a vacation since 2002. I haven't done taxes or car maintenance since last year. I have too many jobs, too many hobbies and too many friends who only call when they want something from me. I've put in too many 8-day weeks.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Speaking of crazy...

OK, it's nice out, so I left my door open. Yes, I know I should have learned, from the last time this happened, but I didn't.

So this chick comes up while I'm watching King of the Hill reruns. About 20. Crying. Starts out telling me her life's story about a cop arresting her for taking other people's bipolar meds because she guesses the cops here are all crazy and how they take her car and drop her off at a gas station and how she lives in Lebanon and her 3 month old baby lives there and everyone she knows has their answering machine and can I drive her there to Big Daddy's?

Umm, no, but we can call somone if you want. No, all their answering machines are on. Did you leave a message? Umm, no. Do you want to call again and leave a message? Umm, no.

Wonder where I get all those stories? They fall out of the sky, land in my parking lot, and knock on my door.